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Target species

Brook trout are exceedingly abundant in the Leaf River, with the most averaging from the 3 to 5 pounds. Most anglers choose to fish by wading the edges of the river, though you may fish from the boat if you prefer.

Fly fishing is the preferred method with daily hatches and incredible streamer fishing to be experienced. If the river is high, spin fishing with light tackle and spoons can be the most productive way to take fish. Leaf River brookies are aggressive, fight hard and boast beautiful colours.

Many anglers have the misconception that Lake trout, or Lakers, can be lazy and sluggish. On the Leaf, nothing could be further from the truth! Leaf River Lakers are vicious fish that seem to be part northern pike and part trout. Their ferocious hits seem more like a blast from a striped bass than a trout. Lakers are so vicious, they will eat 2 and 3 pound brook trout as you try to land them.

Leaf River Lakers frequently top 10 pounds and average 4 to 9 pounds. Both streamers and spinning lures work well for lake trout.

Atlantic salmon fishing on the Leaf River is exceptional, there is an early run in June followed by a second run late July, or early August. We also have a run of big males in September during the hunting season. Salmon range from 8 to 20 pounds.

The secrets of the Leaf River are waiting for you. Black bears, ptarmigan, muskox, caribou, wolves. They join brook trout, lake trout and salmon of the Leaf River in offering unforgettable memories and incomparable fishing. Don’t forget your camera – photo opportunities abound!

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We practice catch and release, you are allowed one trophy fish of each species.

Lake Trout

8 to 20 pounds.

Lake trout requires cold water, clear and well oxygenated, which is why it is found almost exclusively in oligotrophic lakes. During summer, they often move 50 or 100 ft (15 to 30 m) deep, but in spring, they can also be found at depths of 20 ft (6 m) or less. They prefer water temperatures between 9 ° and 11 ° C (48 ° and 52 ° F).

Atlantic Salmon

10 to 15 pounds.

Atlantic salmon spawn in rivers with cold clear water, flowing along the northern portion of the Atlantic coast, mostly in Quebec and the Maritimes. Landlocked salmon inhabits cold clear waters lakes, and tributaries of which the bottom is spawning gravel. Atlantic salmon prefer water temperatures ranging between 11.5 ° and 14 ° C (53 ° and 59 ° F).

Brook Trout

3 to 6 pounds.

Demanding towards the quality of water, a population of brook trout requires clear waters, fresh and oxygenated. They are often found in very small streams in the mountains (hence the name brook) and they are often called “Brookies” although juveniles of other species have this nickname. This species is extremely sensitive to water pollution which makes it an excellent indicator of the quality of its ecosystem.


In the package.

  • One guide for two fisherman.
  • Safe boats and life jackets.
  • Wrapping of your fishs.
  • Satellite communication.
  • All terrain vehicles.
  • Soft drinks
  • Internet wi-fi
  • Air transportation from Kuujjuaq to camp and return.
  • Flush toilets, showers, hot water.
  • All meals are prepared by our cook and served in our dining room
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Not Included

In the package.

  • Sleeping bag
  • Towels
  • Toiletris
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Fishing license :
  • Non resident 157.83$
  • Resident 49.19$
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