Leaf river lodge began its hunting
& fishing operations in 1989

We strive to offer the most exhilarating trophy hunts available, offering top quality accommodations, catering to couples, and the growing market of female hunters.

Perhaps most important of all, we are by choice a low volume operation. There is no bigger let down for an hunter then to have planned the hunt of a lifetime just to have their dreams end on the open tundra with no caribou in sight, or over crowded camps, fast transfers, and being urged to kill the first caribou in sight.

With us you will not be a number, but a valued guest. Our goal is that every hunter kills their two caribou on a fair chase hunt, and return home with memories to last a lifetime.

If you are looking for the hunt of a lifetime, look no further.

Leaf River Lodge is where you want to hunt.

Our mission is to ensure your well-being in these fantastic surroundings !

Code of ethics

I, the undersigned, hereby agree to the following:

• I agree to be fully insured and bonded and promise to adhere to the Federal, Provincial and local regulations that apply to my profession.

• I agree to utilize my experience and skills to satisfy my clients, and commit myself to consistently perform my job in an excellent manner.

• I agree to continuously service the equipment I use so that it will always be in excellent condition. This includes boats, motors, tents and other equipment required in servicing my clients.

• I agree to market my services to potential clients in a professional manner and will not mislead them regarding the services I offer or the cost of those services.

• I agree to service my client with the highest quality food and facilities available in harmony with the local environment and culture.

• I agree to do my best to preserve the delicate balance between wildlife, habitat and humans.

• I commit myself to the preservation of the world’s fish and game species so that the joys and wonders of a wilderness adventure can be experience by children for generations to come.

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